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High Temperature Mitts and Gloves



  • Can protect your hand in temperature up to 1500°F and even higher intermittent temperatures.

  • Flexible cloth woven from a highly textured form of fibreglass then treated with a patented vermiculite coating.

  • Excellent abrasion resistance and resistance to high temperatures and molten metal splash.

  • Excellent electrical insulation properties and resists most acids, alkalises and solvents.


Agotex gloves are suitable for any application that involves molten steel. These applications include Foundrys, Steel Mills, Forging, Metal Castings, Smelting etc.


  • Can protect your hand in temperature up to 800°F and will not melt or drip.

  • Flexible 100% woven fabric made of Kevlar fibre

  • Superior cut and tear resistance.

  • Dexerity is higher than Agotex material.


Kevlar gloves and mitts are suitable for working with metal and glass forming and hot surfaces that requires gloves that offer the highest level of protection against the multiple hazards of a high-heat workplace.

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