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The Dotzert Glove Company was established in 1922 by Clayton Dotzert. Clayton Dotzert was a pilot with the RAF during WWI. During the war Clayton developed an appreciation for high quality gloves and leather goods. When he returned home he decided to turn his appreciation into a business and the Dotzert Glove Company was born. 


Clayton eventually sold the business to his son Don Dotzert who continued to grow the business. At its peak, Dotzert employed over 40 people in the manufacturing and production of gloves. Don Dotzert stuck to his father’s commitment to manufacturing only the highest quality gloves and began to expand into other complimentary products. He successful launched a line of rubber boots, work boots, work wear and straw hats. 


In September of 2016 Brian VanLuik and family purchased the Dotzert Glove Company. The company relocated from St Jacobs ON to Beamsville ON in preparation for some major changes. We still manufacture high quality gloves in Beamsville but have turned our focus to imported products. We have rebranded with new goals and new commitments to our customers. We are building a customer service team, and a sales team to grow the business. The new Dotzert will continue the long tradition of quality products.

THANK YOU for considering the Dotzert Glove Company as your glove supplier. At the Dotzert Glove Company

we are committed to the following: 


1. High Quality products. 

2. Competitive prices.

3. Innovation in hand protection.

4. Superior Customer Service

5. Inventory to meet your requirements. 

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